Hi! I’m Lexi ⭐️  the owner of shoplmk.

I started my sustainable fashion blog back in 2017 with the mindset to get people talking about the dirty secret of fast fashion. I always knew one day I wanted to start a brand. With my previous knowledge about how horrible our fashion industry really is, it didn’t feel right to fall into a fast fashion model. I wanted to find a way to make products that have a better impact on our future. So I learned how to sew. By learning this I was even more shocked at how much truly goes into an item of clothing from start to finish. It opened my eyes to how special what we wear really is.

My goal is to make shoplmk just for you! Right now that means making each order in a made to order structure so you can lmk how you want it. Every fabric scrap is repurposed into a new idea so that nothing goes to waste making our collections sometimes 1 of 1 originals.

Follow my personal blog to learn more about other sustainable brands and my journey towards a more conscious closet! Can’t wait to get started sewing all your orders! ⭐️⭐️