Inspired by - September | shoplmk

Inspired by - September

I'm Lexi, head of sourcing at shoplmk! 

Because our products are small-batch, we are constantly sourcing new fabrics and product ideas. Each month I want to share the inspiration for upcoming releases. I start out creating with mood boards on Pinterest for ideas I want to try to source for. Here what we are planning for September! 

70s prints/style

70s inspiration

I am inspired by everything 70s right now. Fall is typically represented by darker colors. With everything going on in the world, we want more bright colors to keep us feeling energized and hopeful. 

Cottage core/folklore vibes

Cottage core is everything right now. Everything from secret gardens to airy clothing. I love it! I also continuously have Taylor Swift's new album on repeat while I'm sewing and working. It reminds me of big empty fields, fun soft nature prints, and of course, a cozy cardigan. 

Animal Prints

cow print aesthetic

Animal prints are currently the best-selling fabrics on ShopLMK. I remember sourcing the Moo fabric solely because I wanted accessories to match any outfit I wear with my cowboy boots. Now it's our best selling fabric, along with our cheetah print. More animal prints are coming! Some favorites are coming in amazing new colors too.


Sustainable materials

Sustainability is rooted in everything we do. One major goal for last month was to try to source more recycled fabrics/fabrics made from organic materials. I'm so happy to say we were able to accomplish this! Some new amazing prints are coming in made from recycled organic cotton! Yay!!! Stay tuned. New sustainable fabrics will be coming out this week,


My favorite way to the source is to hear what you want to see! Let me know what you're inspired by for this upcoming month. Be sure to follow us on our new Pinterest page to keep up with us! 



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